Sennder Europe 160M 1B Lundentechcrunch

Sennder, a German digital road freight forwarder, raised $160 million in a Series D funding round. The name of the lead investor who led the funding round did not get revealed. However, the participant list saw Accel, Lakestar, Project A, HV Capital and Scania participating. Some sources have Hedosophia as the unnamed investor, but Sennder has not revealed the identity. The total funds raised by Sennder to date are $260 million. It has skyrocketed the value of the company to $1 billion. sennder europe 160m 1b lundentechcrunch.

Sennder connects enterprise shippers with truck companies. They have eliminated the traditional freight model. Sennder has promised to move over 1 million truckloads in the current year. Till now, it has only focused on the European market. sennder europe 160m series 1b lundentechcrunch.

It merged with the French competitor, Everoad, in June 2020. Additionally, it acquired the European business of Uber Freight. The European freight sector gets valued at $427 billion. sennder 160m series 1b.

Amongst Sennder competitors, we can see CH Robinson and Wincanton and other start-ups like Instafreight and OnTrac. The digital freight forwarding market is ever-evolving and blooming. The German Froto raised $50 million, making its total funding $103 million. sennder europe 80m 160m 1b lundentechcrunch.

The new investment means Sennder can now venture into European markets. It already has partnerships with Poste Italiane in Italy, Scania and Siemens. It supplies transportation to over 10 organisations in the German DAX 30 and 11 companies of the Euro Stoxx 50. sennder 160m series.

Established in 2015 by David Nothacker, Nicolaus Schefenacker and Julius Köhler, Senneder has amassed around 8000 employees and seven international offices. sennder 160m 1b.

Nothacker, Senneder CEO and co-founder, acknowledged the company’s position as an established industry player. They want to make the logistics industry have a sustainable future. The COVID pandemic showed the importance of a digital logistics industry.